General information

Ukrainian Translators Association is an independent body for voluntary certification of translation and interpreting services, translators, and interpreters in the system of the State Committee of Ukraine for Standardization, Metrology, and Certification.

Based on the results of the certification, companies, translators or interpreters are issued a Certificate of Compliance in the proper form.

In addition, UTA issues Certificate of Full Member of Ukrainian Translators Association, which shall specify the area of language and subject competences of translator/interpreter/agency and individual's translation/interpreting experience.

Written translators/interpreters (individuals) are admitted as full/corresponding members of UTA strictly upon passing of certification examination (evaluated by major experts in translation) whereas groups of translators and interpreters (agencies/centers/departments) are admitted strictly subject to complying with the requirements laid down in standards STTU UTA 001-2000 (to be viewed in Russian or Ukrainian on the corresponding page) and STTU UTA 002-2000 (to be viewed in Russian or Ukrainian on the corresponding page) and/or subject to availability of valid quality system certified as per ISO 9000 system. Interpreters are admitted subject to compliance with the following requirements: at least 100 hours interpreting or recommendations of two customers.

By employing services of Certified Translators/Interpreters, you receive translation quality assurance.