Code of Conduct

1. To provide a high professional level of translation/interpreting.

2. To meet the deadline for translation/interpreting and to provide proofreading before delivering the order to the customer.

3. To make every effort to improve professional skills.

4. To keep the customer's materials confidential and not to use the customer's information from a selfish motive.

5. To observe the group interests. Not to criticize translations made by other translators before the customer.

6. Not to misinform the customer with an unfair advertisement and not to give false information on the translation/interpreting activities.

7. To avoid taking another assignment if this may result in failure to execute an assignment which had been already taken by the translator/interpreter.

8. To avoid unreasonable interruption of the interpreting services.

9. To avoid pirating customers from translation agencies-employers and colleagues.

10. Listen and understand the customer's reasonable complaints as to the quality of translation and use the best efforts to handle such complaints.

11. To avoid rendering translation/interpreting services at dumping prices.

12. Not to participate in events and actions which may harm UTA's reputation.