General information

The Ukrainian Translators Association was founded in 1999 in response to the urgent need to provide due quality of translation and interpreting services.
Every professional translator and customer needs information, legal, and technical assistance. The Ukrainian Translators Assocation and UTA logo have been registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Public Orgaizations".

In its activities, the Ukrainian Translators Association relies on domestic and international experience and strives to cooperation with organizations, which unite translators and interpreters worldwide.

General objectives and goals of the Ukrainian Translators Association

1. To facilitate development of the best standards of translation and interpreting.
2. To protect rights and interests of translators and interpreters.
3. To provide certification of translators and interpreters.
4. To expand the visibility of translation and interpreting.
5. To provide conditions for fair competition in Ukraine.
6. To specify consistent requirements applicable to rendering of translation and interpreting services.
7. To represent interests of translators and interpreters internationally.
8. To participate in activities of international organizations, associations, and unions.
9. To provide experience sharing between translators and interpreters.
10. To provide expert examination of translations and settlement of disputes between customers and translators/interpreters.
11. To publish the lists of Certified Translators/Interpreters, full members of UTA and translation and interpreting service providers compliant with the requirements laid down in standards STTU UTA 001-2000 and STTU UTA 002-2000.
12. To hold tenders among translators and interpreters (service providers).
13. To render advice on translation and interpreting.
14. To search for optimal solutions based on specific translation/interpreting project amount, subjects, objectives and customer requirements.
15. To hold science and practice seminars, conferences, and more

Ukrainian Translators Association provides certification of translators.
Employing services of a Certified Translator/Interpreter ( full members UTA), customers receive quality assurance for their orders. Therefore, translators shall be admitted as full members of UTA strictly upon passing the accreditation examination (the examination is held by a committee of major experts in the field of translation/interpreting) and groups of translators and interpreters (translation agencies/centers) shall be admitted subject to compliance with standards STTU UTA 001-2000 and STTU UTA 002-2000 or subject to availability of valid certified quality system in the field of translation/interpreting under international standard ISO 9001:2000.
In order to become an UTA member, an interpreter shall have a certain number of hours interpreting, recommendations of customers or UTA full members.

When contacting translator/interpreter(s) for services, always pay attention to availability of Ukrainian Translators Association logo in advertisements of translation agencies/centers and the translator\\'s/interpreter\\'s business card.

UTA members comply with the Code of Professional Ethics and for admission to UTA with the status of full member undergo careful check for compliance with the requirements laid down in the applicable standards.